Montreallist Business Directory

Project Montreallist

Syncusin Internet Marketing applied the services for the Montreallist Business Directory in the following ways:

  • digital strategy
  • web design & development
  • search engine optimization
  • social media marketing
  • video marketing
  • analytics & change

digital strategy

We made the Montreallist business directory to offer free advertising solutions for local businesses in Montreal. Branding it’s slogan, “shop local & search with the montreallist”, we support local businesses and encourage shopping local. Business owners can add their listing for free, while users can rate and review the services listed. Our goal was to build a website helpful for both consumers and businesses. By applying our internet marketing strategies of web design, SEO, video marketing, email marketing, and analytics & change, we hope to build the business directory into a small community.

web design & development

Our thoughts of design was to incorporated a simple web design packed with many features including a search engine, category breakdown, listings by map, and coupon offering.

search engine optimization

We applied our SEO best practices when building the Montreallist, on-page and off-page. As the directory is only a few weeks old, we have not seen results yet.

social media marketing

Each listing is social media marketed as soon as they’re listed on both Facebook and Twitter engaging several hundred of people.

video marketing

We produced a 1 minute commercial for the Montreallist business directory in hopes to build its brand. Our vision was to create a short video, explaining what the Montreallist is and what it has to offer.

analytics & change

As a result, within 3 weeks we have over 90 businesses listed on the directory and over 100 likes on Facebook.

Visit their website:

SyncusinMontreallist Business Directory