Multiflexx Resurfacing Solutions

Project Multiflexx

Syncusin Internet Marketing provided services for Multiflexx Resurfacing Solutions in the following ways:

  • digital strategy
  • web design & development
  • search engine optimization
  • analytics & change

digital strategy

Multiflexx was a Montreal based company that needed branding and online presence so they consulted us. We offered our expertise and recommended the following: logo and web design, search engine optimization, and analytics & change. Achieving their company image, we gave them the digital presence they needed to market their business.

web design & development

We developed a simple custom web design that’s fully responsive to desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Compatible to all major browsers, we envisioned their site to be user friendly with plenty of call to action motives. Fully bilingual in both English and French, their success became ours as well.

search engine optimization

Multiflexx had zero online presence prior to consulting us, we applied bilingual search engine optimization and are currently awaiting results.

analytics & change

Monitoring their website traffic and statistics, we can analyze its channels to make necessary ongoing changes through a/b testing.

Visit their website:

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