Sold In The West Real Estate

Project Sold In The West

Syncusin Internet Marketing provided services for Sold In The West West Island Real Estate in the following ways:

  • digital strategy
  • web design & development
  • search engine optimization
  • video marketing
  • analytics & change

digital strategy

Sold In The West West Island real estate consulted us for web design, SEO, and internet marketing services. During the consultation process, we examined their internet marketing areas of deficiencies. We noticed that although they had an existing website, they were not gaining traffic or generating new leads. We provided them with a whole new online image designing their new website, applying SEO, video marketing, and analytics & change.

web design & development

Their site was built incorporating a responsive custom web design focusing on user experience (fitting in all screens desktop, tablet, and mobile) and tons of enriching bilingual content both in French and English.

search engine optimization

Their existing website had minimal SEO, only visitors who typed in “soldinthewest” would find their site on search engines. Since the competition is saturated with countless real estate websites, we had to heavily apply our best SEO practices. We manage to get them on the first page of major search engines for keywords such as, “west island real estate”, “west island properties”, “west island homes”, “west island real estate agent”, “west island real estate broker”, and much more. Their initial rankings for “west island real estate” was >100, after hiring us, they are now in position 3.

video marketing

We produced them a video intro to use for all of their video listings incorporating their logo, helping them brand their business.

analytics & change

As a result of hiring us, Sold In The West now keeps track of their website’s analytics and make the necessary changes to improve their websites traffic. After 4 months of launching their internet marketing campaign with us, they have received over a thousand monthly unique local visitors.

Visit their website:

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